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Suzy'c -the Boutique

A leading Women's Clothing Retailer

in Ross - on - Wye

Suzy'c, founded in 2008, offers ravishing retail options. We provide exclusive fashion that will not be seen on large high streets with surprisingly sensible pricing.   We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you have a fun and friendly shopping experience and leave looking fabulous and feeling great!

Suzy'c -the Founder

I love Fashion!

But this wasn't always the case. Growing up with four older brothers, I loved climbing trees and playing football with the boys. I was a natural tomboy living in shorts, trousers and hand-me-down jumpers. I hated dresses and having my hair done.


Then, to my surprise, around age sixteen I discovered a new love, being feminine! I realized I didn't look too bad in a dress and doing my hair was fun!


I went on to work in an all-girl computer department. During this time, as I experimented with fashion, I soon realised I had a knack for buying clothes that everyone else wanted to wear. 


I was a natural fashionista! I relished in finding beautiful designs and dishing out highly requested fashion advice. So, when the day arrived that I could start my own business, I joyously jumped into the fashion industry and opened Suzy'c Boutique in 2008.


For my fashion selections at Suzy'c I only work with the most amazing, quintessential fashion companies like N and Willow, Deck, Chalk and One Hundred Stars. They offer me something different, well made and exciting. I always look forward to the arrival of the new Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer ranges. My designers never let me down.

And now every day I get to do my favorite thing, welcoming all of you, my friends and customers, new and old, to join in the fashion fun with me at Suzy'c Boutique, our shop in Ross On Wye, and here on our fabulous online boutique, www.suzy' 

Take Care

- Suzy xx

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Me (Suzy)

Me & Austyn

Paul (my son), Austyn (my husband) & me

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